Thursday, 7 June 2018



Rummaging in a dark, lonely junkyard, was Esther, she breathed in the foul odor of the disgusting junkyard and scrabbled in the old scraps of unwanted things. Searching through the piles of rubbish meant there was another piece that Esther could use to decorate her small crowded tent, pulling her trolley, Esther found an umbrella and other items that she thought was useful. She rummaged in an old beaten car, Esther leaned backwards and felt something on her spine, she pulled the out and exclaimed ¨ Oh my! There is a jewelry box, maybe the thing I'm looking for is in here¨ Esther opened the box and pulled out a gleaming diamond ring ¨ Well, out of all things humans could dispose of, it has to be a ring, I guess humans really are wasteful and take things for granted¨ Esther mumbled. Esther was happy with her life as a treasure hunter in the isolated corners of the city where she hid, although she  occasionally had thoughts of the life she would have if she owned a house out in the city. Esther gratefully took the diamond ring out of its hiding place and stumbled back to her tent/house. Esther made her way into the tent, placing her treasure in various patterns starting with her lighting a candle. An hour ago, Esther was joyfully placing her objects down but now she was about to place what she thought was her gold… her fragile diamond ring! Esther watched as the beautiful lights flickered across her face while leaning comfortably back in her chair, she pondered ´I wonder if the city lights are just as amazing and inspirational as this´.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Abseil Wall Poem

The Abseil Wall: Free Verse Poem

Walking down the abseil wall,
With people who are short and tall.
My harness on, fit and tight,
Lucky for me i’m petite and light,
The slightly slanted wall of fear,
Has made me think of despair,
But then I conquer my own right,
To make it down without a fright.

I kept on going round and round,
To make it down to the ground,
It was fun and there were no tears,
For I found ways to let go of my fears,
I felt proud, I must say,
But other people were not okay.

Abseil Wall: Limerick Poem

The abseil wall,
Nice and tall,
But then I think of fears,
And I did make it down with despair,
I did think I would fail.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

My Fantasy Classroom

My Fantasy Classroom

Guide for the best classroom!!!
OMG! Have you ever had to live in a boring room with plain pink walls and ordinary shelves? Well, fear not because the ultimate ‘Guide for dummies in classroom making’ is here!! So throw away those boring instruction books. Blaagh!! Don’t worry, all you need to do is plan, get permission, buy supplies and organise a grand opening. So what are you standing there for? Time is ticking you know! And when you finally finish, you won’t be able to recognise it. You’ll knock your own socks off!

Plan plan PLAN!!!
Step 1 (Yes this is all the boring stuff)
What do you want in your dream classroom? Perhaps a spa and an all you can eat buffet etc. (MMM BUFFET!)
Step 2
Now you need to plan all of those nicknacks that your gonna plonk down in your boring pink tin shed. (It’s not actually a tin shed, just in case) Where are you going to put your furniture and stuff? Hang on! You can’t do that! If you just put your mum’s 80’s checkered couches in there she going to kill you!!! Time to do some research. Find out what kind of furniture really attracts the eye. Then you’re ready to place your absolutely, fabulous furniture.
Step 3 (Not even close to finishing)
THEME! You can’t have random furniture lying around gathering dust. You could use a theme like underwater for example. Something bright and vibrant is always eye catching! Maybe even a theme like rainbow would be a good theme just because it’s vibrant in colour.
Step 4
Think about the layout of the room. You have to think of the dimensions of the room. How wide is it? How tall is it? Are you going to have an angled roof or is it going to be flat?
Step 5 (I hope you’re NOT asleep)
Wakey wakey! Now you should organise bulky builders to build your dream classroom. What exactly happens when you build something? Well that’s what your guide is here for! Different building companies would give different prices to build your property. For example you might get an offer from a building company that gives a lower price but another gives you a price that is higher but would be able to finish the build quicker. So get ringing because those builders aren’t waiting for you!
Step 6 (Nearly there)
GRAND OPENING!!! I love those words, they’re so exciting when you go to them! Think about the party that you’re going to throw for the big opening!!!

Reflections: I like that I used interesting words like vibrant and dimensions, I also like that I used phrases like ´You´ll knock your own socks off!¨

Describe an emotion

Meet Excited, her best friend is Joyful. Excited could never sit still. She always found a way to be occupied! Put her with a Rubix Cube and she would solve it in seconds. Excited loves to have fun. Lazy always wonders how she does it all! She spreads warmth wherever she strolles, wherever she goes everybody dances!

She would never tire out! She would be able to run three marathons without wasting a breath. I know she may be over the top but that’s Excited! Everybody absolutely loved her for her spectacular personality. What would anyone do without her?

Muriwai Beach

🌊The Trip to Muriwai🏖
There are these wicked waves that are so large at Muriwai beach. They pound me off balance. Wave after wave I try to stay up. I get so dirty and seawater piles up in my mouth. Earlier before we did a skit for rules that the lifeguards use. I have the daredevil of a time because Muriwai beach is awesome!

Reflection: I liked the vocab that I used like wicked and daredevil. I think there should have been more detail because we did more than swim in the water