Thursday, 1 November 2018

Unhealthy/Healthy Competition

For health we defined healthy competition and unhealthy competition on a Google Drawing. We then gave our own opinions on the positives and negatives of sport.

Going To Muriwai: Recrafting

For writing we recrafted a piece of writing from term 1 and compared it to our writing from now. If you find my other piece of writing for the muriwai trip you can see a big difference.

The Trip to Muriwai

At school we went on a trip to Muriwai Beach. There were these strong, foaming waves that were so large. One of these waves were so big that in fact, they knocked me off my feet! Every wave that knocked me down made it even harder to stay up, the seawater rushed into my mouth and left a bad taste lingering in it. It kept on piling up. Then the whistle blew and we all trudged through the heavy water and felt the sand on our feet. My togs were filled with so much water that the weight of it was hard to bear. The year 6’s all made their way towards the main building. I walked with the crowd. Once inside, I bob down and listen to the lifeguards talking about the rules of playing in the water. Later on… The lifeguards have told us that we were to create a skit and to present it at the end of the time limit. After everything happened it was finally time to go. We said our thanks to the lifeguards and made our way over to the buses. I had a great time and enjoyed the trip to Muriwai Beach thoroughly.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Life on Mars

For writing we each wrote our own stories on what it would be like if we lived on Mars and we had to include facts about the planet. I wrote a person's perspective on their own journey to Mars set in the future.

What would it be like on Mars?

February 14th 3067
“Hmmm, Jupiter? No it’s too big and too gassy, Uranus? Hahaha! Such a funny name. Earth? Already been there. I know! We’ll go live on Mars!” I exclaim. I look at the hologram screen and Mars is the perfect planet. Years ago scientists finally discovered a new way to live on Mars. They found food that would grow there and even had fashion designers to create a new trend… the Marsuit! It has flameproof fabric called flameyester, a hood to cover your head and pockets! I mean it, pockets! How great is that? After the 2020 Mars breakthrough, that was the beginning of everything. Now people are actually living on top of the rocky, boiling surface. Of course the 2020 Mars landing only happened the year after so we had waited until they gave the all-clear. Which by the way was until a few years ago in 3042.

I hurry downstairs via elevator and rush through the hallway and into the living room. I told my father and brother about Mars and said that it was perfect for moving. Population on Mars has gone up and sooner or later Earth is going to be abandoned. The planet’s even named after my favourite Roman god, Mars, aka known as Ares in Greek form, but enough talking because it’s time to go to Mars! “Now are you sure Kiki? I mean we could always move to another part of Earth but a planet! What if we float off the planet and we get burnt by the Sun? It is only the fourth planet from it. They only made the material flameproof enough so that humans could withstand the heat on Mars not the Sun. And there could be black holes just waiting for a family to pop by.” Dad asked nervously. He’s always such a worry-wart. But I told him that I was sure and we’re going to get ready to pack for the next day. Although I seemed to be convincing myself that it’s fine. I started to think what would happen if the Red Planet’s dust got into my nose. All day I would be sneezing! And what about food? I forgot that since fresh produce is rare on other planets so we would have eat meals from these strange looking packages delivered by Earthlings. They’re supposedly called ‘space food’ and I heard from friends that it tastes so bland it doesn’t even taste like anything at all! Oh right, when we land on Mars there’s going to be some kind of building called the Nova Mars Research Facility or N.M.R.F and we’re supposed to live in the dorms set up there. I’m so excited and can’t wait!

February 15th 3067
“OMG! The space shuttle is so BIG!” I say a little too enthusiastically. Now people are staring at me and I so feel embarrassed. A walkway ejects from the shuttle and stops when it hits the ground, we start to move our way up and make our way inside. Everyone gasps at the spacious room awaiting us. We pull our luggage to the large case labeled ‘LUGGAGE CASE HOLDER’ and squeeze ours into the other 263 bags. Honestly, looking at the bags tells me how much people overpack. I saw this lady who had like 6 bags and was shocked. You don’t need that much luggage anyway! I steer away from my family and walk into the hallway to check out the other rooms. I see a clipboard stuck to the wall and grab it. It was a room arrangement. My family’s name was labeled next to ‘Room 143, Master Suite’ I come across it and take a peek inside. The whole thing was huge! There were two king-sized beds and one bathroom with a bathtub, shower, a toilet that flushes itself and a automatic sink. I jump on top of a bed and lie down. My Holo-Phone vibrates and I check it. The little USB unpacks itself with a push of a button and turns into a hologram phone. I have a message from my friend Zaara who arrived in Mars a few months ago. She was asking when I would come, so I reply ‘Soon, nearly blasting off and supes excited!!!! BTW miss ya!‘ Minutes later my Holo-Phone vibrates again and Zaara says ‘Cool, miss ya too! See ya soon (in like millions of months)’ I reply with a laughing emoji and make my way through the rooms and into the lounge/main room. The adults are laughing and chattering away while I plop down on one of the velvet couches and prepare my seatbelt, yeh that’s right, we have seatbelts on our COUCHES! Minutes later… Okay, so a guy just spoke to us about turning off all our devices once we begin to blast off. I’m going to text my childhood friend Kate who’s already on Mars and I’m really excited to reunite with her. “Ahh! Getting ready to blast off. So nervous, can’t wait!” I switch my phone to vibrate and sit still. Soon a hologram appears and says “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. BLAST OFF!!!” I feel a massive push upwards as the rockets supporting the shuttle blast up. They soon release and the space shuttle floats into the airless atmosphere.

November 30th 3067

It’s been several months since the blast off and we’re doing well. Charlie, the guy that told us to turn off our devices is our personal assistant and I really don’t want to leave him. He is so sweet and when everyone was busy on the shuttle, he remembered my 17th birthday and gave me a present. He even helped me to pack my clothes and stuff too! But he already told me that he had to serve the next family living in our suite which made me devastated. Oh well. He just told us that the space shuttle is landing soon and that there will be a space rover to take us to our house. We meet everyone at the main room and prepare our seatbelts. I feel a sudden descent as the shuttle lowers down and with a crash, we have landed! Everyone is nervous and chattering while hugging their newly made friends. “Goodbye, John. I hope we meet again”, “Please can I have your number? We should arrange a lunch meet soon.”, “Hurry children, we need to get going”. I look around the room once more and give a sigh. I join my dad and brother to make our way out and walk down into the new surroundings… Home sweet home.

Reading Plan-Trends

For reading we are basing our groups on interests. This week-Trends. This is our plan for reading.

  1. Judge some old trends vs. 2018 ones - Zaara & Moon Hee
  2. Sequence trends 2017-18 - Zaara & kiki
  3. If trends weren’t a thing- Moon Hee & kiki
  4. Try trends- Everyone

Try Trends:
2017 and 2018 trends


For Inquiry we are focusing on the four main spheres of the Earth that work together to make the world we live in now. We have created a food chain that is connected to our learning on the Biosphere.

Positives and Negatives of Sport

For health we created an infographic about the positives and negatives on sport.

Reading: Being Lazy

For our reading we decided that we would continue with interest groups as reading groups. Here is our latest version.